IĮ „EDUARDO BYTAUTO INTERJERO PROJEKTAI" The company was established in 1994. & specializes in interior and original lighting design.

We have created and realized the whole range of original interior projects in different styles. Some our works are published in the Interior Journals in Lithuania, Latvia and Russia, two our interiors have been shown in LNK channel programs.

Interior decoration is a complex combination of artistic, technical, engineering and building problems, therefore experience gained in all these spheres lets us realize creative concepts and saves our clients from “it is impossible” and “nobody does so”…

The experience shows that the largest gain is that of our clients who order their interior projects before the wiring and piping are laid. It is especially urgent when installing the lighting, which is an integral part of the interior.
Therefore, timely presented detailed drawings of the interior project help contractors to better co-ordinate their work. This saves our clients from losses caused by alterations as well as from various negative emotions in the course of building.

Yours truly,
Interior designer and company owner
Eduardas Bytautas